January 23, 2011
Sunday can be beautiful because of the luxury of doing nothing while ending up doing everything you've always wanted to do for the week.

This is SO true. Especially for me because whether I admit or not (and I have no trouble admitting), I'm the weakest link in the office. My SYSAD skill is clearly deteriorating because I'm not using it. And my Apps Support skill is still that of a new joiner.

Work from home.

This weekend there was no choice. I had to work to catch up. But I couldn't go to office because of network disruptions. So I was just at home working. But it wasn't so bad. Well, the worst part was that my network was so slow that I spent 8AM to midnight working on few shell scripts. Geez. But the weekend wasn't totally wasted, see I got time to blog (because I needed a break! haha!), then I got to do the laundry, then clean the house. I even got to watch a lot of movies. Awesome isn't it.

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