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Park Min Young Casted as the Female Lead for “City Hunter”

Actress Park Min Young was chosen as the female lead for the upcoming drama “City Hunter.”

Park Min Young will appear in the upcoming SBS Wednesdays & Thursdays Drama “City Hunter” which will first air on May 25th. She will be playing a character named Kim Nana who once was a judo athlete and will become one of the bodyguards for the Blue House (Korea’s term for their own “White House”). She will be working alongside with Lee Min Ho who will be playing the male lead, Lee Yun Sung.

Kim Nana lost her parents from a sudden car accident, and lived her life by taking many part time jobs earning only 880,000 won. She finally got accepted as one of the bodyguards for Blue House, and meets Lee Yun Sung, one of the members of the National Network Map Team who also has a Ph.D degree from MIT. They will be sharing some bickering moments and then later fall for each other.

Park Min Young will be playing a character who was once a judo athlete, so she will be showing an athletic image by wearing the blue judo uniform, and a black suit to show off a bodyguard image.

The publisher of “City Hunter” stated, “It took us a long time to decide on who the female lead should be. We’ve decided on Park Min Young to play the female lead, Kim Nana, because we saw her bright and healthy image through her various dramas as well as acknowledged her acting skills.”

On the other hand, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho both appeared in the 2007 drama “I Am Sam,” so it will be 4 years since they’ve worked in another drama together.

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Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

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