Here we go again

A few days ago, I posted a transcript of an Inquirer article regarding a local TV show and the crying little macho dancer. I must admit I got curious what made Lea Salonga very pissed on her Tweet that's why I went on to read the article and watch the video clip. It was indeed very disturbing.

I've just read that the channel and the producers have apologized. In fact, they sent out a memo regarding featuring minors. Good job. But then again... I read the transcript of what the main host said just the other day. Dang! He makes me so angry! I hate people who profess to help the poor but actually taking advantage of them.

1. I am not mentioning his name, the channel neither the show anymore because we are just giving him the publicity that he soooo wants!

2. I don't need to boycott his show because I really don't watch it.

3. He's threatening the advertisers and all those personalities again! Just like the way he threatened ABS CBN before. Wooohoo. He never learns his lesson.

4. Helping the poor is not the same as humiliating them even if they are willing to be humiliated on national TV. It simply is not human.

5. Giving money is not the same as helping the poor. Sabi nga teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish. Kinukunsinti nyo lang ang mga tamad at aya magtrabaho! Would u believe that in the Philippines, joining contests on TV is a job?!

6. Why are the advertisers patronizong this show, this host?! I'm surprised the show has advertisers!

7. And why is this host very rich??? One show yet he has so many houses and cars and a yatch?! Are u a general??

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