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March 14, 2011
We have booked a trip to Japan for April 2 - 10, 2011 and after the quake, the tsunami, the nuclear threat, the eruption, the explosions and the continuous after shocks, we are definitely having second thoughts. Very very scary.

Okay... here's are our concerns:

To Travel
- Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo is a bit far from the tsunami and quake major affected areas
- Our ticket condition says:
Itinerary Change: Not Allowed
Cancellation / Refund : Not Allowed
Therefore to cancel now would mean to throw away $1600 worth of tickets
- If all tourists were to cancel their trips to non-affected cities the country's tourism will suffer more

Not to Travel
- Danger
- Nuclear scare
- Chaos
- Respect for the mourning country
- They are implementing electricity saving.. it doesn't seem logical to add to that concern
- They have some serious resource issues

I'm still very very confused. Anyone? Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

As there is still some time until your trip starts, you should just wait and see as you are going to the south of Japan anyway. Either the situation in Japan gets better, there will be a regular flight schedule once again (because there are some snags at the moment), the aftershocks will abate and the nuclear plants will have cooled down. Or the exact opposite will have happened and if so, there should be some legal reasons to cancel your non-refundable ticket. Singapore will probably issue a travel warning should the worst case at the Japanese nuclear plants happen and there will not be a regular flight schedule for civilian flights anyway... Think about it!

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