K & Fashion Police

March 09, 2011
I didn't realize I've been frequenting the E channel until my hubby voiced it out. He asked why I'm always watching Fashion Police and the Kardashians. Uhmmm. Honestly I don't know. I'm not even classified under the fashionables folks. I buy clothes that I need not what is fashionable.

Well, for Fashion Police it's more to se what they wear. They meaning those hollywood celebs. They make effort to look good so I wanna appreciate. 

For Kim & family, I don't know if they are acting or not. But they're a crazy family. But fun to watch because despite their differences it's a fun family. And it's good they are close to each other. Sexy and flirts but cute. Bimbos you love and not hate. Haha. I meant it as a compliment. 

Hey they are more fun to watch than all the stressful shown on TFC these days. Just want to relax and chill.

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