Singapore Transport System

March 01, 2011
Without a doubt Singapore has one of the best transport system in the world. Everything seems very systematic. When I first came here, a few years ago, I was amazed at how systematic everything seemed. The mrt were packed but still better than what our mrt and lrt in the philippines have let us experience.

But, being on top doesn't mean you just relax and be lenient. You have to know how to adapt to change and improve. And I think that's the main problem. Feeder buses take 20-30 minutes on peak hours! CTE's always jammed. MRT is super packed! Taxi? Forget it, in my area even calling a cab is a pain.

There are more people in Singapore than before. Everywhere you go is very crowded. I guess one way to resolve the transport issue is to increase the frequency of MRT and buses. Introudce more bus routes to give people choices and distribute the traffic. More bike lanes perhaps?

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