Beauty vs Brains?

Dati, it's a common question to ask, "would you rather have beauty or brains?" as if they can't go together..

James Franco

pogi no?

Read this: Actor James Franco seeks Ph.D. in Houston

So you can be pogi and matalino pala? Hehe.

Meet Bb Pilipinas Universe 2011 - Shamcey Supsup

She topped the June 2010 the Architecture Licensure Examination and she's won the Bb Pilipinas title. Ganda, sexy and astig sa school?

Last time, my classic answer to this question: Beauty vs Brains? was that I'd pick brains then use it to become very rich then use the money to attain beauty hehe.. but these 2 folks above... just shows you can be a geek without looking like a gift. So actually you don't need to pick between beauty vs brains. :p

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