April 14, 2011
We had dinner at Chili's the other day with some old colleagues. It was a fun night with good food. The margarita was 1-for-1 and the bottomless chips was only $5.

It was my first time drinking Margarita.. and my pick was the fruity margarita... it wasn't very strong instead it tasted more like four seasons.

My friend says the Blue Margaritas was stronger... but she didn't seem drunk after 2 glasses.

My friend and her hubby's pick: Trio Fajitas. Beef, chicken and prawns. They had trouble wrapping it. It was funny hehe.


Our visitor from the Philippines' pick is salmon.. seem well cooked. :)

My hubby and I shared this Beef and Chicken Fajitas. Wrapped it like a pro haha.. just goes to show how much I love Shawarmas.

I'd go again for another round soon... it was very very nice indeed. :)

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