Hongkong - Day 2 - Afternoon Trip

April 19, 2011
On our way back from Stanley we chanced upon this amazing cemetery.

It turned out that it was a Holiday in Hong Kong to celebrate the Qingming Festival. Something like All Saints Day to us.

Wiki Trivia:
Qingming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors. Traditionally, people brought a whole rooster with them to the graves visited but the occasion has become less formal over time. The festival originated from Hanshi Day (寒食节, literally, Day with cold food only), a memorial day for Jie Zitui (介子推, or Jie Zhitui, 介子推). Jie Zitui died in 636 BC in the Spring and Autumn Period. He was one of many followers of Duke Wen of Jin before he became a duke. Once, during Wen's 19 years of exile, they had no food and Jie prepared some meat soup for Wen. Wen enjoyed it a lot and wondered where Jie had obtained the soup. It turned out Jie had cut a piece of meat from his own thigh to make the soup. Wen was so moved he promised to reward him one day. However, Jie was not the type of person who sought rewards. Instead, he just wanted to help Wen to return to Jin to become king. Once Wen became duke, Jie resigned and stayed away from him. Duke Wen rewarded the people who helped him in the decades, but for some reason he forgot to reward Jie, who by then had moved into the forest with his mother. Duke Wen went to the forest, but could not find Jie. Heeding suggestions from his officials, Duke Wen ordered men to set the forest on fire to force out Jie. However, Jie died in the fire. Feeling remorseful, Duke Wen ordered three days without fire to honour Jie's memory. The county where Jie died is still called Jiexiu (介休, literally "the place Jie rests forever").

Qingming has a tradition stretching back more than 2,500 years.[4] Its origin is credited to the Tang Emperor Xuanzong in 732. Wealthy citizens in China were reportedly holding too many extravagant and ostentatiously expensive ceremonies in honour of their ancestors. Emperor Xuanzong, seeking to curb this practice, declared that respects could be formally paid at ancestors' graves only on Qingming.[5] The observance of Qingming found a firm place in Chinese culture and continued since Ancient China

We alighted at the Central station and had a quick walk at the nearby amazing buildings and parks. There were so many Filipinos at the Central. Parang Baclaran sa dami ng tao!

We walked... nah.. hiked.. towards the Peak. At the lower tram station to be exact.

We bought the combo package. Round trip tram plus entrance to Madame Tussuad's at H$185 each. It was quite a good idea because at least we were about to cut queue. The tram ticket queue was crazy that day.

The tram was so crowded that we actually couldn't enjoy the trip.

Our first stop at the Peak was the Sky Terrace. Had to pay extra H$30 I think. We used Octopus card again so I'm not very sure.

We wanted to try Bubba Gump at the Peak but the waiting time was 45-60 minutes and we were just too hungry. So we opted for the HongKong restaurant just beside Madame Tussuad's.

I had minced beef with egg.

My hubby's pick was bacon and pork. Hey, HK have good bacon!

It was pretty cold that day so this cup of Hot Milk Tea was perfect.

Wiki Trivia:
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, part of the renowned chain of wax museums founded by Marie Tussaud of France, is located at the Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is the first and one of the only two permanent Madame Tussauds museums in Asia, the other being the Shanghai branch, which opened in 2006.[1] The Hong Kong branch houses nearly 100 wax figures of internationally-known personalities, with Asian figures taking up more than a third of the total, of which sixteen were Hong Kongers.[2][3] The wax figures are featured in a range of themed settings such as Hong Kong Glamour, Music Icons, Historical and National Heroes, The Champions and World Premiere.

We didn't want to pay again at the Sky Terrace so we just went to the side of the peak to take a peak at the night view of Hong Kong.

The tram queue was super long by the time we decided to go home so we decided to take a quick rest at Starbucks at the mall just at the back of The Peak. Free internet! Yahoo! Finally!

It was less foggy that night so we decided to take a few more pictures at the harbour before heading back to retire for the day.

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Timeless Confection said...

it's such a pleasure to find your blog which talks about fairly the same things that I do in mine. I also adore watching korean tv dramas, and like you love my princess.thanks for the photos at the peak tower.it makes me feel like I was just there yesterday.more power!

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