Hongkong - Day 5 - Afternoon Trip

April 22, 2011
Quickly after lunch, we took the first bus from Ngong Ping Village to the nearby Tai-O Village. It costs about H$6 on weekdays and about H$14 on weekends (So come on weekday!)

The trip to Tai O was amazing. Beautiful trip. Very calm road trip.

And less than 15 minutes later.. Tai O!

We came to Tai O without any expectation except for a picture probably with the words "Tai O".

And we were greeted with this fishing village.

I saw this old man selling tickets for H$10 (or was it H$20?) for a boat trip. I didn't really read where it's going but I just figured it would be nice to go on a boat trip to open sea. And quite cheap too for 25 minutes so we just hopped on. And? We saw DOLPHINS!!!!

And ? GREAT View!

Great ride as well. Started slow then it sped up and ended up slow. I love the sea!

The tour included a quick tour just very near the houses. It was very very nice. The houses were small almost at par with squatters in the Philippines... the main difference is that these houses and the entire place was very clean.

We were supposed to stay only for 1 hour and take the next bus back to the village but the boat trip was so amazing that we just had to have a street tour as well.

I love the village for its very relaxed life. I'm definitely coming back with my parents.

The market was full of fresh seafood!

Flat Fish! Get me my Alexander Sauce!

Oh they have so much dried food as well!

And we're back to Ngong Ping village at around 4pm.

The bus stopped very near the Buddha entrance so it saved us a lot of walk.

As I've said I'm not a fan of stairs. Plus it was already around 4:30, the last cable car leaves in an hour so while my hubby went up to see the Buddha:

I went to nearby temple to offer a quick prayer.

The Monkey shows were done for the day so we missed it.

I loved our cable car trip back to the MRT station. We were alone in the cart! Yehey!
We setup our tripod and had a great photo op time!

The sunset view was breathtaking. It's our last night in HongKong and we have been given the best view of the entire trip. Indeed, it was saved for last. :)

After the cable car ride, we were greeted by the Citygate Outlet Mall.

I was so excited to go shopping. Coach, Esprit, Giordano, Nike, Mango. Name it. But there was a little guy who only wanted to go back to city and check out In's Point for the nth time.


With no shopping buddy and my hubby expressing desire of leaving me in the mall and just meeting me at the hotel, I've no choice but to leave with nothing. Instead we proceed again to In's Point.. which at this point is already my most hated place in HongKong. I hate it so much that I wish it was already closed when we get there. But. It wasn't. It comes alive at 4pm till around 930pm.

To make up, we ended the night with dinner at the Steak Express at In's Point.

Hubby went for sizzling beef steak

While I got myself half a lobster and tenderloin. YUMMY!

Oh it was a set meal so it came with a bread, soup and drinks.

And the best part? It was about H$200 for the entire meal. Para ka lang nag Swensen's!

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