Macau Trip

April 10, 2011
Our journey began 8AM with our Singapore-HK 8AM flight.

We arrived in HK around 12:30pm, and was amazed that we had to take airport train to the immigration centre. And boy was there a queue. LOONG queue! Good thing we found out that we can actually buy a ferry ticket directly to Macau from HK airport.

It saved us from #1 queuing up and #2 waiting for our baggage.

Our trip to Macau was at 2pm, so we spent time strolling the Duty free shops and enjoying the free WiFi at the airport. Before we knew it, it was time to board. Hey there were so many Filipinos at the airport. I thought we were in NAIA rather than HK airport.

It was a short trip to Macau, I think only a little over 45 minutes. But, we took Turbo Jet and was hugely disappointed that the mirrors were tinted and there was no view. AT ALL. And at it was expensive at $430 for 2 pax.

The immigration queue at Macau was still very long, but definitely shorter than that at the HK airport. But the ferry terminal was a little too chaotic for us. We didn't check the shuttle timings thus had to wait for a long time for the next one.

First impression on Macau? It felt like Baguio. Malamig, old buildings. But only because we were just at the Ferry Terminal. Next post. :)

Now what mistakes did we make on this trip?
  • Next time, save time and money and energy. If you must travel to Macau, take Singapore-Macau directly then HK-Singapore flight back.
  • Don't take Turbo Jet. No VIEW and super expensive!
  • Check the hotel shuttle's schedule!

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