Movie Madness

April 24, 2011
We had 3 days off because of the Holy Week. But we couldn't do much coz I couldn't move much because I was sick the whole weekend. With most days that I'd be squirming of pain and at times couldn't move a muscle. Well so what better way to do that watch movies?


Rio is a fun movie. Very simple yet entertaining. I kinda like it and I'd recommend you watch with your kids.


Red Riding Hood

I like the girl. I like the story. It's a good twist too. Watch it and don't look for spoilers here. :D



Beautiful girls. The story line is very predictable but with the beautiful girls, admit it.. it's worth watching. This is Minka's movie rather than Leighton's. Accept it and get it before watching to avoid disappointments. :) And oh.. this movie totally got me.. now I'm even more scare of our schizophrenic neighbor!


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