Bakerzin Singapore

May 01, 2011
We were in a hurry to go home and Bakerzin is the nearest food shop to the exit so we just jumped in to try its dishes. I opted for what I thought was fast and easy.

I ordered for Iced Lemon Tea with Penne, Duckie ordered Banana Split but on the last minute they said it was out of stock so Duckie didn't get anything anymore.

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I'd give it A for perfect ambiance. Very neatly and nicely decorated place.

Here's the average tasting overpriced Iced Lemon Tea:

The major bummer:

The pasta was SUPER uncooked that I had trouble chewing it. But knowing that they can't do anything anymore because they already informed us that the kitchen is closed the minute it was presented to us.

In the end I paid about $16 for this disappointing meal. Verdict. Not coming back in the near future.

Oh here's a trivia. We were one of the last batch of customers that night but I saw the staff still fixing the tables.

What's wrong about it? Well when they turn off the lights at night. All these spoon and forks are exposed to whatever runs around in the evening. Let your imagination work for you.

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