June 30, 2011
I don't really consider myself a bagaholic person even if I have my fair share of bags. I'd consider myself as a hand-me-down bagaperson. My bags usually come from my sisters or my aunt. My sister, Kuting, I think gave me 3 or 4 bags for my birthdays or some occasions. My sister, Melissa, is a shopper. She likes shopping and she likes bags. And she likes me. So usually she sends me her old stuff. My aunt, Sako, loves bag. I once went to HK with her and she SHOPPED! It was a turning point of my life. It opened my world to shopping. Up to this day I've never met anyone who shopped as much as she did that 3 days. No complains coming from me though. I loved that experience.

Lately, though, bags has been serious topics in our tweets and girl days outs. In fact, my girlfriends all recently purchased Longchamp. I'm a little jealous. But I'm such a scrooge I refuse to buy one for myself. Neither am I allowing hubby to buy for me coz... he's money is my money! Haha. What a kuripot me.

So what I do is to look at what friends buy and do some online window shopping. With no intention of buying [ and my hubby (if he's reading this) better not buy me one or he's gonna get scolding for wasting money ], here are some bags I'm eyeing.

A medium sized Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is very fascinating. So many girls are using it that maybe it's THAT nice!

This isn't the exact Gucci bag model that I'm eyeing. But I dunno what they call it. It's coffee leather of something. Very very nice.

Kate Spade Classic Noel Daisy just feels so much like my home. So it has this familiar feeling.

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