D-Cut scenes from Mary stayed out all night

I found this post from Koala's Playground, so I got super excited to share it here. Kamsamnida for these videos! :)

Now.. GeunGeuns unite!

Cut Scene #1 click here

From episode 1 – Mu Gyul brings ice-cream to his mom’s place and finds her coming home with yet another man. He tries to bunk in his stuffed van but can’t rest comfortably. That explains how he ended up wandering over to Mae Ri’s place to crash. And further explains why he was drunk, looking for liquid warmth when maternal love was so close yet so far away.

We saw Mae Ri walk home for hours because she had no bus money, crying for her mom. Now we see that Mu Gyul was equally as empty that night, yet another mom gesture that meant nothing to her. What I love is that this cut scene is scored to “I Will Promise You”, which we all know was the last song recorded for the M3 OST and didn’t get introduced in the drama until episode 14.

Cut Scene #2 click here

From episode 7 – Mae RI and Mu Gyul discuss how upset Seo Jun is about being deceived. Mu Gyul agrees to call Seo Jun. Mae Ri and Mu Gyul confirm how they are in the same boat, yet they always know they are being candid with one another.

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