Hair Color

June 14, 2011

I had my first hair coloring last Feb at Jean Yip in Vivo. I was poorer by about $140-$150 after the treatment. And now, 4 months later, I find my hair with more grey hair than before. Like the coloring triggered something on my hair and it started aging. Very sad.

I was contemplating on coloring my own hair, but I guess I haven't moved to that stage yet. I'm just too scared. It was good that I found a cheaper place to have my hair done. And better service too!

Went to Manila Stylist House at the Lucky Plaza today and was charged just $60 for the hair color plus hair cut/style. Good deal right?

Manila Stylist House
#04 - 102 / 103
(65) 6734 6952

I saw a cheaper salon just in front of Manila Stylist House, but they had like 3 clients there and I don't like crowds plus the place was smaller. I guess I can try it next time. :)

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