Kim Hyun-joong wants kids!

June 24, 2011
Who wants to be his baby mama?

24 June – "Boys Over Flowers" star Kim Hyun-joong has sparked a lot of interest lately with a comments regarding saving for his future four kids and traveling to space, Soompi website reports.

According to the report, in his latest appearance on KBS radio show "Ock Joo-hyun's K-Pop Square" recently, Kim revealed his main reasons for saving up money.

The member of SS501 said, "When I get married, I want four children. That's why I'm saving up right now. If I want four children, my future wife is going to have a hard time."

He added, "I don't think it makes any sense to die without traveling space once in your lifetime," reasoning space travel as one of the prime reasons for his growing savings account.

Previously, in MBC "Knee Drop Guru", Kim Hyun-joong admitted to getting a nose job to fix his broken bone. And during an interview with KBS' "Weekly Entertainment", the multi-talented star also encouraged his older female fans to get marLinkried as soon as they find the right person.


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