Lie to Me - Episode 9 and 10 Preview

June 03, 2011
Episode 9 Preview

Ki Joon faces a bunch of old shareholders, screaming at them “so when has the Gold Resort become a place you can play away at?” He loses his temper and tosses the report. Everyone bows and leaves his office and Ki Joon lets out a long sigh and picks up his phone. Suddenly Yoon Joo calls, and Ki Joon takes a long look at his phone, before slowly moving to pick it up. He then remembers that he’s forgotten a lunch scheduled with her, and his expression is conflicted. Park Hoon sees Ki Joon like this……..

The phone rings again, and it’s still Yoon Joo. Ki Joon still doesn’t pick up the phone. Suddenly the door opens, and Yoon Joo walks in smiling with her cell phone pressed to her ear. They two of them walk out. Yoon Joo moves to grab Ki Joon’s arm, but Ki Joon pulls his arm away. Yoon Joo, who loves to aegyo (or oppo pout wiggle), grabs Ki Joon’s arm again. At this time, Ki Joon is shocked at his own move to once again pull his arm away. Yoon Joo is surprised to see Ki Joon’s expression, and she turns around and sees So Ran standing in front of them.

Episode 10 Preview

Ki Joon gets up from the table with the foreigner, walking away without looking at Ah Jung even once. The Ki Joon who is dismissive of Ah Jung has a tense look on his face. Watching Ki Joon walk in, Park Hoon and the secretary stand up. Ki Joon moves to grab the door handle but freezes. Park Hoon believes there is something the matter with Ki Joon.

On the otherhand, Ah Jung leaves, seemingly exhausted. She runs into the hotel manager, who is walking towards her from the other direction. The hotel manager saw Ki Joon grabbing Ah Jung’s hand the day before. Both Ah Jung and the hotel manager are embarassed, and Ah Jung is relieved when the hotel manager pretends that she didn’t see Ah Jung and walks right past her.

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