'm watching PGT Grand finals now and can't help but comment.

Madrigal sibling
Gosh! You will not and you should not get the vote of Bicol! Because nowhere in this world does "Dios maray na banggi!" mean what you guys said it meant! Dang! Users! Total turn off! FYI "Dios maray na banggi! simply means "Good evening!"

Buildex Pagales
It's not that he's not good.. just no originality. Why do I need another Bruno Mars when Bruno Mars is already there and a Pinoy too?

DJP trio
Total disappointment. Wasted a grand finals slot.

Overrated! He's not even as guapo they project and present him. Another waste of slot!

My personal bets?

Sali na sa You think you can dance!

YAN! YAN! Yan ang amazing!

Rico the Magician
TAMA! Ikaw na! Amazing!

And finally?
Luis! Please be back! Nikki's comments are totally Off and A total TURN OFF! Geez!

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