June 16, 2011

16 Jun – The multi-talented Rain can post anything on the Internet and it will become such a hit. Recently, the singer-entrepreneur shared some photos from his past with fans on his Twitter account.

On 15 June, he tweeted: "I found my childhood photos that I thought I had lost in a fire. It is when I was 16 years old", according to allkpop website. That would mean this is a picture prior to his recruitment by JYP Entertainment.

In the photos, Rain is seen wearing a bright yellow raincoat, looking very much like the boy next door. His youthful pose gives him an adorable charm that made fans gush over the pictures.

Netizens commented: "Wow charismatic Rain was once cute", "You were really cute", and "The difference between now and then is the sexy abs."

Rain is expected to be joining the military in summer this year.

Source: Yahoo News

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