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June 02, 2011
Just when I thought things were going great for TFC, they strike again.

Mara Clara
Gary kidnapped Mara 3x already. I can't be sure which of the 2 is more stupid. Is it Mara? Can't she learn from experience? Or is Gary, he always fail. Di ba sya napapagod? Or is it the writers? Brain Drain na ba? Running out of ideas I guess.

I really tot it was original until I watch 49 Days from Korea. It's not the same same story. But the base is the same. Basically the lead girl is given X number of Days to complete a mission or she would die (for 49 Days) or cannot enter heaven (for 100 Days). Haizz. Good thing Xyriel is so good she's saving the whole show.

Mula Sa Puso
They wanted to make it fast paced. But decided to extended in the end. Now the story is dragging. Stop the remakes.

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