Ariel Lin bids farewell to showbiz

July 12, 2011
It's sad to see her go.. but.. hey.. she's lucky she can afford to stop working. :) Best of luck Ariel!

Yahoo 11 Jul – Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin has decided to leave behind her acting career at her current age of 28-years-old according to reports on May Daily website.
The actress who is currently working on her latest soap "I May Not Love You" had bid her fans farewell and had chosen path of love over career as she plans to be reunited with her boyfriend, who is currently studying in the United States.
"Shooting television series is mentally and physically taxing," she was quoted saying in the report.
"I think that we should pursue our dreams according to our health condition. I don't have as much stamina as before and I would love to spend my time with the most important people in my life."
Ariel reportedly underwent brain surgery two years ago and since then has had a different view on life and love.

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