Celeb Homes

I watched a few episodes of Kris TV today and managed to catch the feature on some celeb homes.

Angel Locsin

I've been really vocal that I'm not her fan. But she gained my respect with the feature of her home. The girl knows how to save, to invest. She knows what she wants, decides on what she wants. She values her family. She's very organized and clean. And she's not narcissistic. I hate those that have huge pictures of themselves in their houses. Weirdos.

Kim Chiu
Amazing that she was able to save up and make this investment in such a young age. Good job girl. But.. I think the feature shows she's still very young. Seems like she let the designers decide and just went along. Nice kid but still needs to mature. But I'm truly impressed. ;)

Huge house! And touching that she really set aside a room for her son who passed away already. Mother's love!

Kris Aquino
Ahh.. this is a very extravagant house! At least in terms of colors! Amazing. But it's more amazing that she actually have such a small bedroom and bathroom. Totally unexpected for "The Kris Aquino"!

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