Christmas Shopping

July 08, 2011
For the last 5 years or so, I've been consistently gifting everyone in my family. Parents, siblings (plus their wives) and the kids. I like shopping for them. My gifts aren't expensive because ANG DAMI nila! Instead I hope they know it's the thought that counts. And really when I buy the gifts I think about them. This year, as always I'm starting early.

  • Because I usually don't buy in bulks, I buy when I see a nice present suitable for someone. Then keep it.
  • Because I need to finish my shopping by October and sea ship them to the Philippines
  • Because I hate christmas rush
  • Because I hate cramming

For my 2 favorite girls (my sisters) in this world, I bought cute box from Daiso. Which is very convenient because I plan to put things there as I shop. Cute box, little gifts inside. :)

I know what I want to give all my siblings. What I have to find out is what would be a nice gift for my growing nephews.

And? I should find time to give the last 2 remaining gifts for my god children from last Christmas! Hello Sophia & Zoie! The irony of it is that they both live here in Singapore yet I have no time to pass them their gifts. Ninang is truly sorry. :)

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