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July 24, 2011
Lunch yesterday from from Kriston Food and Beverage. I say it was GLUTTONY! They got SOOO much food! There was too much food that I was so full before I could eat and ended up eating so little.

Biggest hits for the day was the laksa and the mee siam. I didn't like the chicken, there was too much flour. My colleague said he got raw chix. The satay was decent. It's tough eating shrimp using plastic spoon and fork so I just stared at it.

My Indian colleagues were not happy with it. But I was pretty satisfied. It goes with personal tastes I guess.

Official Website

Contact info:

Kriston Food & Beverage Pte Ltd
171 Kampong Ampat #01-02/03
KA Foodlink Singapore 368330
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Office Hours:
9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Company Registration: 199005795R
GST Registration No: M2-0096766-6
Place of Registration: Singapore

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