Pinoy Biggest Loser

My personal bets for Pinoy's Biggest Loser

Larry. At first I didn't like him. Pulis e. (Sorry for that comment). Just something. But he showed discipline. He actually showed good conduct and he showed good team work. His main problem? He has no game plan. He lost too much too soon. He won't have enough pounds to lose to become the biggest loser.

Eboy. He has so much pounds to lose! He gotta win this! He's cute too. What do you think?

Joy. Oh what a joy. She's such a happy person that I wish we can make her happy longer so can she win?

Art. He has a certain class that sets him beyond everyone else in the contest. But he also has sadness in his eyes that makes you want to wish he'd win.

And I personally do NOT like this 2.

Hazel. It's just something about her. She and Winwin lost the last time I watched and was made to wash clothes for a week. The way she said, "lagot kayo sakin" or something to that effect is IRRITATING! Hmm... but hey maybe she's just being competitive.

Win win. Let the picture speak for itself. IRRITATING right? She shows immaturity maybe coz she's the youngest.. but still this is a game.

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