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July 25, 2011
John and Bianca.

Maliit si boy sa girl. Medyo awkward.

And if it's true na nibreak nya si Rachel without Rachel knowing it.. one word... Karma. Eat Bulaga forever.

If it's not true, then.. all the best!

Kris Aquino.

I guess she's back. Somehow she managed to make people forget her kapasawayans (haha if there's such a word).

Well, her new show is entertaining.

Marian & Heart

Until Lovi speaks up, the public won't know the truth because neither of the girls have good reputation to back them up.

But wonder what's gonna happen to Heart in GMA. Both Dingdong and Richard refuses to work with her. She has no choice but the wannabes.

Amanda Coling & the Azkals

Was she raped or not? Paikot ikot. Painterview ng painterview. It sounds like a VERY VERY cheap gimick.

It's a pity that if it's true that she was raped because she's being mocked and laughed about by people.

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