Monday, July 04, 2011



Sorry I just need to vent.

I'm not sure if it's because it's near that time of the month but I'm really feeling very down.

[1] My work isn't going great. I feel that somehow my relationship with my team (my boss esp) is cracking. I know I'm not doing as hard work as they do. Neither am I doing something super techie like they do. But hey... I'm trying. And I'm using as much time as I can too. It's just that it really isn't enough.

[2] Life. I'm being very depressed about life. Baby baby baby. Fats fats fats. Hell.

[3] Family. I seriously seriously want to help. To give. More than what I am giving now. But I can only go so far. I'm employed. Meaning fixed amount of dough per month. If I have business I'd probably have more. And my parents seriously do not need what they call "barya" from me. But that barya is like 1/4 of my entire month's salary. I have this serious belief that I'm supposed to save 30-50% of my salary. Touch move. No arguements. Therefore I only have fixed amount of money to spend per month and I have tons of things to pay. What's left I want to give but it's being called barya and it hurts like hell.

[4] Life. I wish Duckie will treat me with respect and more kindness. I don't expect him to be as sweet as the rest of my friends' hubby. I don't expect a Coach or Longchamp. I'd be happy with a decent java code. Is that too much to ask?


Cookie Aguilar said...

sending you my cyber hugs!!! don't feel sad.... you are doing your best. and im here if you need a chat.