Self Destructing on Social Networks

July 24, 2011
Can't help but make a post regarding those pictures posted on FB and other social networks. Maybe I'm older and don't belong to the current generation. Maybe I'm supposed to allow others to make mistakes and learn from it. But when people self destruct and I'm in no position to help I can't stand there and watch. My action? Unfriend. Block.

I've unfriend about 3 girls already coz they kept posting their "sexy" pictures. Well. Yeah they are sexy. But only on the starlet level. Personally I know them to be decent girls. So seeing them self destruct and post these pictures is too much for me to watch. I can't and don't want to hurt them by saying it loud to them, so I walk away.

Too much of a coward? Not entirely. It's only because I'm not in the position to tell people what to do. I tried to with my young niece. But I ended up being blocked. Haha. Okay, if you're reading I know you blocked me from your wall list. I do it. I know it. And guess what? It's fine. Your life. Your mistakes. Been there done that. I understand. Totally.

Just a warning. Once you've uploaded it, it's there forever. Delete it if you want but you can never be sure who have downloaded it and saved it. And may upload it again. It's gonna be a costly mistake.


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