Shoe Eater

July 08, 2011

My shoes die early. It's a known fact. Maybe because of the way I walk. I drag my feet. I'm just a VERY LAZY walker. Plus I'm on the chubby side so my shoes are usually a wreck after a month or so.

I bought 3 shoes early May. A wedge, which I use on Weekends (And I mean all weekends coz I worked/played all weekends ever since I got 'em!). It's near it's end life. But still useable. So I'd give it another month or two. I got another wedge, but more formal. Which I use almost 3x a week to work. Ah.. this one.. I'm giving a week. It's been through the rains of Singapore. And it's dying. The 3rd pair, heels can last 2 more months coz I didn't use them often. But it's showing symptoms of dying too coz I wore it once and it rained like hell.

So what's the bottom line of this rant? Hehe.. I need new shoes! Let's shop again girls!

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