Actress Han Ye-seul's attitude gets worse

August 18, 2011

15 Aug – Earlier in July, it was reported that actress Han Ye-seul had a discipline and tardiness issue on the set of KBS' "Spy Myungwol". Now, according to allkpop website, the drama series has been put on an emergency hold due to actress' refusal to show up for filming.

On 14 August, a representative revealed that filming was scheduled to begin at 7:30 am, however, Han Ye-seul had yet to show up even after four hours of waiting. The representative revealed, "Han Ye-seul directly told the director that she is not filming. She has not come to the film set since then."

The reason behind her refusal stems from her clashing opinions with the producers regarding balancing her other schedules. This isn't the first time that she caused such an issue, as on 12 August, the actress showed up at 3:30 pm when filming was scheduled to begin at 6:30 am.

On another occasion, she left the filming set early, without reason and consideration for the rest of the staff, leaving producers dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, representatives of her agency, Sidus HQ, have come out with an explanation for the four-hour standby she forced onto the cast and staff.

They explained, "Han Ye-seul is not in great condition physically, which is why she hasn't gone to the film set yet. As reported, it is true that she was also late for filming on 12 August. However, filming on 14 August was scheduled to end at 2:00 am but it ended at 5:00 am instead. There was another filming scheduled for 7:00 am, so isn't it only natural that she isn't able to make it?"

According to the representative, the producers of the drama and Han Ye-seul had conflicts when it came to balancing their schedules. The representative added that Han would return to the film set as soon as she's in better health.


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