Food Trip

Eating different cuisines makes you feel like traveling without having to spare airfare. :)

Beef Set. Korea.

Food Republic - Vivo City.
The glass noodles and the eggs are amazing!

Champorado at Tuyo. Philippines.
Katipunan - Lau Pa Sat.
It's actually a Champorado mix that I bought from this new little Pinoy shop in Lau Pa Sat. One box contains 2 packs, and 1 pack can feed 3-4 people!

Beef Picado. Portugal.
Barcelos - Vivo City.
Salty, but nice. Adobo?

Laksa. Singapore.
Food Republic - Ion Orchard.
This has got to be the best looking Laksa I've ever had. This is very creamy too. Love it!

Porkchop set. Vietnam.
Vietnamese Stall - Lau Pa Sat
The rice was a little too salty for my liking, but the spring roll was AMAZING.

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