Hot Seat

August 14, 2011
Pinoys in SG were recently on the hot seat lately because of the insensitive and insulting comments posted by a Pinay in the FB page of one of the MPs. [Read Here]

When I first read it, I was like WTF. Pinoys generally are very makabayan. Nationalistic. Brave. But girl.. this ain't our country. It's not your war to fight. It's not even a fight that merits a war. What are you doing? Nakakahiya. I was reading the Pinoy forums and everyone was like having the same opinion. Major major na na nakakahiya.

Where did this anger come from? It's saddening. Perhaps the Philippine embassy can help her? Baka biktima ng karahasan tong si Rachelle Ann?

I've been here in Singapore for 5 years. I have complaints,yes, but who doesn't? BUT. I LOVE this country. Peaceful. Efficient. Convenient. Clean. Respectful of laws. And? I have the best office-mates, almost 80% locals. Over the years, I've moved to a number of companies. I've had a Pinoy, Indian and other nationalities as boss. But I say my current manager is the best so far. And she's local. My respect for her is so much that this whole incident is extremely embarrassing.

Don't abuse your friends and expect them to consider it criticism.
Edgar Watson Howe

Rachelle has apologized and deleted her posts. I understand it will not be easy to pacify those that were angered (tayo din namang mga Pinoy ganyan din makareact.. it's natural). I hope we all learn from this incident. Wala tayo sa bahay natin, respetuhin natin ang may ari ng tinitirahan natin ngayon.

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue
Keeps his soul from troubles. - Pro 21:23

So we thought it's over. But the saga continues. The husband claims that he was the one who posted it. [Read here]

So now.. how? If this is a lie. And that her husband is just shielding her, then she's one lucky girl and it's a big slap for her. Ngak you married a Singaporean for Christ's sake! So incompetent sya ganun? But he's still defending you. Mas nakakahiya to!

And what if it's true that it's the Singaporean husband who did this? Which according to some forums can be proven by the earlier posts made by the husband on the same (level) issue. Hah. Mr Gay, you are in big trouble. First, apologize to your wife. Then apologize to us Pinoys who were subjected to criticism (for which we have accepted because we thought it's our fellow Pinoy at fault) and most importantly, apologize to Singapore (for hurting their feelings). And in the end, this has become a family issue - I mean, Singapore as a family. Which, me, as a Pinoy, should not meddle in. Good luck Sir.

World peace!

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