Nueva Cuba

August 05, 2011
We had a team night out the other night and the team decided to check out Nueva Cuba at the Customs House. It was quite crowded the day we went there, guess because it's located at the heart of the CBD.

Most people go there for drinks (it's a BAR for Christ's sake!) but our team are food lovers so we ended up eating more than drinking. And bill just piled up. SCARY!

It may not look much but it was a LOT. It was just super fast that I couldn't properly take snaps plus I was a little shy. Haha! The winner was the Portobello Frito. It was super YUMMY!

And everyone's favorite drink of the night was the Mojito. Lime Mojitos rocks! Well the boring me got the non-Alcoholic mojito. Virgin as they call it, while most of the team got the alcoholic version. :)

Official Website

Nueva Cuba is an interesting place. Our side was inside the small patio by the bay facing the Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was great view as we got to watch 2 batches of the laser show. Music was great too. On the other side, facing the Offices is the fun side. Haha. I saw girls dancing. They were getting a little wild.

Fun place. Definitely. But.. a little on the expensive side. Or is it normal? I don't go to bars so I'm not really sure. :)

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