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August 21, 2011
We'll we saw this Pinay girl distributing free taste slice of bread. It smelled so good and it was freshly baked that we went to try it. And wow! It was the best cake loaf ever! We bought an entire loaf and starting munching it that very minute. Unfortunately because of that I don't have a picture. :(

We went back there for dinner. It was a huge serving and pretty affordable for about $15 per pax.

Official Website

Service was REALLY good. Food was good. Not totally fab. But totally worth the money. The fruit punch was a knock out. I loved it.

My hubby says the carrot cake beats Cedele's. But I say otherwise. I missed the walnuts.

Oh, today, the remainder of the cake loaf was full of ants. So sad. But it means it super sweet to attract that much of ant attention.

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