Aong Nang Beach, Krabi

September 06, 2011
Trip to Ao Nang from the hotel is 500B per way per car (I think max 4 per car). Of course we were curious how the town would look like.

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Nice long stretch of cream beach. The soil is not spectacular. But I guess it's the best you can get if you don't want to join Island tours.

Ao Nang have a lot of food shops, souvenir shops, travel/tour shops, hotels and bars. It's really a small town.

I guess this street comes alive in the evening and we were like 3 hours early. :p

It was so hot that day that we felt like burning so we just wanted to head back to the hotel. Luckily we saw this haagen dazs branch.

Who can resist this banana split?! Love love love! Some tourists were too much. They come and enjoy the aircon and have a free taste. Haha. Talk about cheapstakes!

We took a local taxi back to the hotel. Haha.. it smelled like elephants! And it costs the same as what the hotel charges. So this is our first lesson. Hotel doesn't overcharge! :)

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