Four Island Tour

September 06, 2011

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We were supposed to join the Hong Island tour but it was fully booked so we were forced to join the 4 island tour at 1500B per pax.

We were again picked up at the hotel at 8AM. But the tour didn't start till 9AM. Such a long wait. Plus this time round we were put in the boat together with a BIG group of local tourist. Paying more I guess has an advantage. They call you first so you get to choose were to sit.

But obviously we don't have choice because the group was huge and we would feel strange to sit inside with them. So we decided to brave the sun and seat outside. Anyway better view. And we were supposed to sit only with 2 other couples. Or so we thought! All of a sudden the crowd started crowding us! Damn!!! I hated every minute of it! Plus 2 kids and their parents squeezed themselves in the already crowded outside of the boat. It was the most uncomfortable half day of our stay.

We got some good photo op at the first Island and on Chicken Island. I think we managed to have 1 snorkeling experience which was totally irritating because of the auntie who gracefully stole my lifesaver. Damn!

Lunch was terrible too. Too small and too many flies at the Poda Island.

After lunch we headed to Railey Beach for 1 hour stop. I think it was such a long time to stay in a small island. Things to do here include: swimming, picture taking, cave watching, mountain climbing. :)

We decided to have coffee at the nearby coffee shop - The Grotto.

We were back to the hotel a little before 2PM. Just the right time because it rained cats and dogs the whole afternoon.

I'd recommend you skip this trip.

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Semidoppel said...

Those flies just ruined your lunch...but all in all I think it is still a good spot

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