Krabi - Arrival

September 06, 2011
There's one hour difference between Singapore and Krabi. iPhone auto-adjusts (haha! we found it amusing!) We arrived in Krabi just about noon time. Tiger Airways didn't distribute Thai immigration form thus there was a little chaos at the arrival area.

We booked the hotel's taxi transfer online (they were very helpful!) for B800 per car. There were couple of people waiting at the arrival area. We were pleasantly amused that our name was more formally written.

We were met by a very nice guy. Then he led us to this nice fancy car.

It was very nice of him to offer us a cold very nice smelling face towel and a very cold water. Very thoughtful indeed!!!

The trip took about 35-45 minutes from airport to hotel. You get to enjoy the provincial view. Green green green. Great View!

Krabi reminded my hubby of Los Banos Laguna, while it reminded me of Sorsogon. Haha. It's the provincial feel. I loved it!

We were welcomed with this lovely flower and very nice tasting welcome drink while we wait for the paper works for the check-in. Very friendly hotel staff. :)

The welcome party doesn't stop at the drinks. Once we reached the room, we were welcomed by fresh orchids. Plus a fruit platter and complimentary Singha water (which I find very soft to the throut).

The hotel lady was very friendly and helpful. She showed us the major features of the hotel while walking us to the room. Then very patiently showed us around the room. Very thoughtful. She even offered to tour us in the hotel. Showed us the way to the spa, the kayaks, the pool and the restaurant. A+ for hotel service. :)

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