Nakamanda Resort and Spa

September 05, 2011
I still cannot figure out if I fell in love with Nakamanda or with Krabi. But I'm dead sure I LOVE this resort! If privacy is what you need, privacy is what you'll get. The room is HUGE! I love the little balcony where you can have your private breakfast. :)

We were booked 1501 at first, it was near the beach, the spa and the pool. But it was also nearest to the public beach front just beside the resort. On Friday evening, the public beach became so crowded and noisy that I felt the folks were staring at us. They were having Muslim prayers that Friday. The resort manager gladly moved us to 2002. Ah. No view but more privacy!

I love the little thoughts that the resort thought about. They have umbrellas outside. Daily newspaper. Cool toiletries. Love their after sun aloe vera and the mosquito cream. The toothpaste was very nice smelling and tasting too. The best part is the little beach bag with 2 blue towels that you can bring on outdoor activities. Lovely lovely consideration. I love it!

I love the his and her dresser and sink. The secret to a perfect marriage. The bath tub was HUGE. I loved it. Would have loved it more if they had provided bubble soap. :)

The resort clearly is very thoughtful of what their guests need. They had fresh flowers! Love 'em. Complimentary water. Non stop! Don't even think about buying.. although it was very impressive that the prices of the hotel room drinks and tidbits were competitive to outside prices. Usually it's overpriced.

There are many things you can do just in the hotel. Eat (the food is super good! the price is very affordable too! breakfast was AMAZING!). Kayaking is free. Library (take a pick of any book!). DVD library (yay! Shrek 3!). Wifi. Everywhere! including the toilet. Haha. They also have computers case you didn't bring your own. Gallery. Lovely display. SPA!!! And then enjoy the pool!

The pictures on the internet do not do it justice. The place is amazing! The sunset view is spectacular. The staff are superb! Quality service!

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The main concern of netizens against this hotel are the stairs.

As Po (Kung Fu Panda) would say, my greatest nemesis - the stairs! But hey it isn't much and it's WORTH it!


The hotel taxi charge is the same as outside. So book if you must leave the hotel. Safer, nicer smelling and cleaner. The tours are a little on the expensive side but trust me .. take it. You get priority on the boat. You get to board first and choose a place and they'd put you to a smaller group if they can. Much more peaceful. :)

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