December 13, 2011
I've been a bad piggy. :( I was so bitter we lost the decor contest today. I felt we gave it our all. And I honestly felt and thought we looked better. Yet we lost because our boss picked the other team. I think at one point I booed 'em. Yeah yeah. I'm sorry. I couldn't control my emotions.

But now that I'm feeling a little better. More sober perhaps? Why did we lose?

[1] We lost because we were lacking in colors. But hey we Asians like Snow and white christmas. My white boss is probably sick of white christmas and looks for something exotic?

[2] Our coverage is way bigger. I think it should be taken into consideration next time.

[3] Our team work was lacking compared to the other team. Yeah they are smaller team but judging from percentage of team work they got perhaps 85% compared to our 10%.

So yeah. At the end of the day. I understand why they won.

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