Christmas in Singapore

December 25, 2011
Image by: Craiglist

Christmas here in Singapore has evolved a lot. When we first arrived here in 2007 (or was that 06), Christmas was not as fab as these recent years. In fact, our first Christmas here was quite sad. I remember not seeing much Christmas decors in Yishun (where I used to work).

Usually, we spend Christmas eve at a friend's house. They have decided to go home to the Philippines this year so we were left orphans (hehe). And for the first time, had to prepare the meal myself. And I sucked at it.

Couple of things that I learned this year:
  • Do not trust delivery services on Christmas eve. Arnold's DO NOT deliver. KFC took 2.5 hours considering they were quite near.
  • Go to the grocery early! It's super crowded plus everything is out of stock!
  • Buy nestle cream EARLY! Like a week before. Went to 4 Fair Price outlets, 2 cold storage and 1 shop and save outlet and they were all out of stock!
  • Buy in Fair Price or Giant. They charge way cheaper than Cold Storage.

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