December 03, 2011

The saga between this ex-lovers continue. It's stupid of Rhian to pick Mo. But she made a choice and now she has to live with it. If it's true that she had abortion.. well.. it's her choice. It's her body. It's her soul.

But Mo.. isn't so clean. He thrash talks almost everyone like he's the greatest thing on earth. They say a talkative man is a lot scarier than a talkative gay. His best friend is Hayden Kho. Uhhh. Rhian.. you must be really dumb? But she did say that she really liked him. He must be likable than what he shows the world? Hm.. it's tough to decide who to believe between these 2. Perhaps JC want to say something?

Just something:

Legal restrictions on foreigners
Foreigners are only eligible for pregnancy termination/abortion in Singapore if one of the following criteria are met:

They have been residing in Singapore for 4 months or more
They are married to a Singapore citizen or have PR status
If they have a work permit
These restrictions do not apply to foreigners who require evacuation for miscarriage, but the age of legal consent (21 and above) will apply in this scenario.

Reference: Angloinfo

She doesn't seemed qualified besides.. abortion or not.. Mo is a very scary person. If he can hurt someone he loves that way, we all better get out of his way. So.. peace tayo, Mo!

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