Sendong at Pilipinas


Japan did not have to publish pictures of dead people in order to gain sympathy and donation. Philippines certainly do not need it. Respeto lang pls.

Philippine disaster foretold 3 years ago. Blah Blah Blah. If we were to panic 3 years ago, then magpanic na tayo ngayon kasi sabi end of the world na sa 2012. Anong logic ng pagsabi na it was foretold 3 years ago. Wag ng pabida pls.

Aquino in PSG party amid 'Sendong' disaster. Aha. Budoy and Pinoy used to be on the same IQ level. Now, Budoy's better and Pinoy's gotten worse. :)

Relief controversy. Picture source : Fashion Pulis. Ano bahhhh Kris?

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