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January 05, 2012
Tokyo Banana

This was the very interesting food that our colleague got us from Japan during his recent trip. The Tokyo banana is very nice. :)

Data/3G on the MRT

Congested network, overcrowding trains = no Data/3g. ZERO chance. At least I could read txt headlines before or twitter for that matter. These days, not a bit of data. Sadness while on the MRT.

Harbour Front Foodcourt

Much as I want to help save the Earth and avoid using plastics, the very dirty spoon and forks at the Harbour Front Foodcourt left us with no choice. It was SOOO disgusting!

Blitz Addiction

703,850 is the highest that I ever got and I was still not even #1. :( I hate that the scores are reset weekly but love it too coz it gives us the chance to be #1. Hehe. Addicting!

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