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January 04, 2012
Ramgen & Janelle Scandal

[PEP] Genelyn Magsaysay admits possession of son Ramgen Revilla's laptop, but claims not knowing of its password

[Inquirer] Ramgen mom backtracks, admits having son’s laptop

Ah! This Genelyn Magsaysay and her family is really something! Where else and who else would upload those videos? Wonder why they hate Ramgen so much that his death is not enough to punish him. And we all thought family is supposed to love us unconditionally and would protect us when no one else would. This one is definitely an exception.

Maria La Del Barrio

Without a doubt, the best show on ABS CBN's prime time block these days. The weakest link? Assunta de Rossi. She's not supposed to be this irritating because she's the lead actress mom. Instead of hating Angel Aquino, viewers end up hating her for her irritating presence and loud and "squatter" acting (even if in the story they already are well-off). Fail.

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