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January 30, 2012

Authentic Kopi. I was so amazed by the way they presented it but I got scared too coz it seemed like a dangerous way of drinking kopi. My local friend this is how they serve kopi for take away before the plastic became popular.

My friend said maybe it's cold where they came from since it's a hairy crab. But.. I was amused that it's labeled Herry Crab at Sheng Sheong. Was it a case of wrong spelling or what?

We celebrated CNY in the office yesterday. My boss' first Yu Sheng. Never won any ampao but it was a fun event.

My recent addiction --- pancakes! I love this Aunt Jemima's pancake! Yum yum!

My recent purchase! It was on sale at $18 at Isetann. I love that the actual seasoning fitted perfectly. Even my vanilla and panda extract fitted perfectly inside the tube. Niiiice!

Still on CNY, they raffled a few items. And I won this mushroom. I never win raffles. Then I did today and it's a mushroom. Just my luck.

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