January 22, 2012
Reacting to News Articles

Facebook: Friends' Happy Pictures Make You Sad?

Ah, to those affected don't be! Facebook is not what it seems. People only want to show their good and happy side. But it doesn't mean their lives are perfect. Actually, be warned. Those who post about luxury items maybe on financial difficulties and are hiding by projecting a luxurious life. I've unsubscribed (and unfriended) a lot of "friends" because of this.

Did you know why some foods are taboo during Chinese New Year?

Good thing I don't eat Ampalaya!

Lucky six winners share $7mil Toto draw

Ha! Don't you just wish you're one of 'em? I got 3 numbers! Gosh what a waste of money.

It's like freshmen law students against the school dean and professors. Ah, only in the Philippines!

My hubby and I are both lucky this year! Financially, career-wise and romantically. Yay! Check out your fortune.

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