TFC Waste

January 17, 2012
Can't help but to make a list of the shows on TFC that to my opinion waste air time.

PBB Unlimited

KUYYYYYA! Give it up! Ang corny corny na ang jojologs pa ng mga housemates. Ano ba?!

Happy Yipee Yehey

Can't help but to wonder why ABS keeps on wasting and insulting Toni G's talent. HYY is a total insult to Pinoy's intelligence. I watched it the other day and John was talking to a relatively young female and her mom. The conversation was something like this:

John: O yung nanay mo na nagsasabi ipasok ko. (Sabay ngisi!)
Contestant: Bunot po!!!
John: Nay, bunot daw sabi ng anak nyo. Masasaktan to pag pinilit ko ipasok! (Ngisi ulit!)

Maybe I'm green minded but John was definitely implying it. It was DISGUSTING! And the way they interview the contestants is like they wish for sad story all the time. Ano ba?


The world is already full of problems as it is. Why the heck would you want to watch a show that just highlights life's hardships to you.

Ikaw ay Pag ibig

Too preachy!!!! A total waste of Xyriel's talent!

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