WetMarket Adventure in SG

January 08, 2012
Back in the Philippines, the wet markets open very early (sometimes as early as 4AM!) and the earlier you get there, the fresher the goods will be. Thinking that SG would be the same, my friends and I decided to venture into an adventure. We agreed to meet at 5:30AM at the MRT to go to Tekka Market for marketing.

Tekka Market is conveniently located in Little India. The prices are cheaper than the supermarkets and the goods are definitely fresher. You also get to purchase in small sizes/pieces (compared to pre-packed items at the supermarkets).

Okay, so here comes the fun part:
  • Our feeder bus does not operate so early. At 5:15AM, the bus assistant says next bus is 49 minutes while the other buses are not operating.
  • I was deciding whether to take taxi or just walk (since my friend also has to wait for the LRT opening)
  • LRT does not open so early. The earliest is at 5:40AM.
  • I walked and got lucky to find a different bus operating already at the hour going to the MRT, I reached MRT just before quarter to 6.
  • Majority like 95% of the passengers were senior citizens.
  • The MRT, even though open, is as good as not because the next train was 27 minutes later. Gosh!
  • The MRT has a lot of sleepy passengers at the hour (or maybe some pretending and just looking for a free skin connection)
  • Tekka is a bit messy so early in the morning because the vendors are still preparing
Despite the 1.5 hours travel time, it was still a success. And it was fun to be with the girls too! Here's my loot:

For this trip, I spent:
  • $12 for the beef.. it should be 1.1kg
  • $1.50 for the fish
  • $7.05 for the veggies
For that amount, I'll get:
  • Lunch + Dinner : Nilaga
  • Lunch + Dinner : Salpicao
  • Lunch + Dinner : Beef Steak
  • Lunch + Dinner: Fried Fish
  • Lunch + Dinner: Another round of nilaga
  • Lunch + Dinner : Beef Tapa
Therefore, 6 days worth of food. How awesome is that?

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