Crystal Jade In Dining

February 11, 2012
Our wedding dinner was help at the Crystal Jade so on our 5th anniversary, it seemed fit to celebrate at the Crystal Jade again. :)

Instead of going all the way to Paragon, we decided to try the branch at Vivo City. It was disappointing to be seated on the long table but still lucky that at least we were at the edge. Would have been so awful to sit in the middle sandwiched by other couples (esp that we were seated next to gay couple).

Plating was good. :)

We began with this fruit that numbs the tongue.

Huge options. So hard deciding. They had set meal but wasn't so keen on it.

Roast pork. The sauce tasted like wasabi. Good combi!!

Duckie's first time to try Peking Duck

At $34 for half the duck, it felt so worth it! Delish!

Best eggplant ever!

Here's the duck meat

The entire dinner was $95 with the Jasmine tea and white rice. It was so GOOD!

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